Three quick notes

  1. Soooo, happy Teachers’ Day: today I had to take a box of live snails away from one of my students.
  2. In response to “write an entry about three things you like about yourself”, one of my Korean students said the following:  “I like my toes because they are cute.  They have hair growing out of them like insect antennae.”  It’s amazing the things that they can articulate when just the other day he was trying to figure out how to describe a hippo to me and said that it was a giant rodent that runs through the jungle…
  3. Oh and also, my younger Korean boy totally calls Elephants “ele-pants”, I keep correcting his pronunciation, but secretly wish every child called them that ’cause it’s super adorable
Suzhou this weekend, so more pictures to come next week!



2 responses to “Three quick notes

  1. elepants. my new word. entered in with banks (thanks) wap top (lap top) from the hartzel girls vocabulary via ant robin.
    keep these funny/happy moments foremost in your mind so those naughty moments don’t win out.

  2. So happy that you have children in your life that make you smile!!!


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