Shanghai and Early ZJG Picture Highlights

Just to start things off because I feel like I’m going to die from severe franticness, I currently have 28 bug bites.  8 of which literally just happened in the last ten minutes.  Most of which are on my leg.  See picture number one.

With that out of the way, back to Shanghai.  Aside from taking more Chinese classes and getting lectures on what to expect when teaching English (most of which has not actually been the case!), we also went to the Shanghai Museum which was pretty awesome.  My favorite exhibits were the seals, the minority clothing and the calligraphy.

We also went to Old City and on a cruise where we could see Shanghai at night best.  And finally, the Chinese acrobats show, where we sat in the first two rows.  I “lucked” out and ended up first row, dead center.  Which was awesome except for when they wrapped their arms in long ribbons hanging from the ceiling and swung out into the audience…I don’t think I’ve ever ducked lower in my life.

The last few pictures are from around Zhangjiagang.  I realllly like it here.  It’s a lot bigger than I expected, but still pretty quiet and smallish.  I would just really appreciate for the bikes, motorbikes and cars to STAY OFF the sidewalk!  I almost got run over a few times today because they don’t always honk to warn you!

A closing comment:  I may or may not have eaten five slices of processed cheese last night.  I was craving cheese and browsing the snack section of the corner store not really expecting to find anything cheese flavored when lo and behold: sandwich cheese.  And while the food we’ve had here has by no means been lacking, when you have a craving and aren’t really expecting it to be fulfilled, processed cheese suddenly tastes like extra sharp cheddar.


7 responses to “Shanghai and Early ZJG Picture Highlights

  1. Hey Jess, I enjoyed reading about your new adventures. I wish I had explored back in my younger days like this. But since I did not I’m glad you are so I can see through your eyes. Love ya

    • Hi Aunt Cindy! Happy to share with everyone, but I love hearing a bit about things goin on back home too! I really started missing NY’s Fall today 😦 Love you!!

  2. Great pictures Jesse. Brings back memories.

  3. Hi there Peeper! Your legs look like mine! Uncle Marty and I sat out with our neighbors the other night. I didn’t notice any skeeters but kept getting bit on only my legs. Well I looked up chiggers and there was a photo of my legs with an excellent decription of how itchy I was. Do they have chiggers in China? Hope you have some anti itch cream.
    Loved all the photos you shared. Kris just told me they opened a new store in her town. It’s called …”Tammys(or another name starting with T, can’t remember) Tiny Tack” It wasn’t open cause of the holiday but Kris said there were Breyers in the window. She was gonna visit another day. She was hoping maybe they would buy some of her models. I told her to see about becoming a judge for some live shows. I miss those days…..
    I liked the calligraphy phot. I imagine “spelling” is difficult there.
    love you lots! Aunt booby

    • Hi!! Ooch I just looked up chiggers and they look like no fun! I’m not sure what bugs they have here, the ones that I’ve seen look like punky bugs and mosquitos but who knows…One of my roomies had itch cream that she let me borrow and that helped loads…I also got a raid plug-in and my room now looks like a warzone of dead bugs! I didn’t wake up itching as much this morning so I’m thinking that it got most of them!

      That would be so cool if Kris could become a judge!! I hope all is goin well with her and the baby to be! Maybe next summer when I come home we can all go to a horse show with Annie! Those days were so fun : )

      And yes, “spelling” isn’t quite the same as in America. Instead there is stroke order, there is a very specific order for each stroke in each character, it can make writing some characters easier but it’s tricky to remember for others!
      Love you!!

  4. So happy to read of your travels. just as your Dad wrote, thanks for showing the world to me for i highly doubt I will ever travel to China. Tonight , I will go no where as we are in a State of emergency and must stay off the roads. Hurricane Lee traveling through and raising hell with rain and floods.

    • Glad to hear from you! I heard about the hurricane, one of my roommates here lives in NJ and her whole basement flooded! Safe thoughts your way! Love you!


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