Food Highlights

The first night we went to a Sichuanese restaurant, read: HOT 辣là。 Like, make your lips fall off hot.  Here are some pictures of some of the less fiery ones:

Course one

Yin Yang dish

This was actually full of chicken

Eaten with some regret because the yaks we rode last time I was here were so beautiful...turns out they are also incredibly tasty!

The Sichuanese restaurant also included a performer who changed masks at lightning speed:



If you look closely, you can see the back of the mask changer, he walked out into the restaurant

No Mask...but within like a half a second

And here’s my roomie and I outside the Sichuan restaurant:

We also ate at a vegetarian restaurant that did a fantastic job of making everything taste like meat:

Fish at the vegetarian restaurant

And finally, in the Old City we had the following:

The alley smelled like horse manure outside this restaurant and so did this soup

Corn flakes and popcorn...we wondered why

I feel like I’ve been eating a huge amount of food, but when I actually think about it, it has been more that we have been eating for longer periods of time than I’m used to, but not really huge portions of scum food.  Over a two and a half hour dinner, I usually end up drinking some 18 cups of tea and eating a handful each of green beans, asparagus and cucumbers, a few pieces of various kinds of meat in various kinds of sauces, a dumpling (Shanghai is known for their 小笼包 xiǎo lóng bāo, which are soup dumplings that you nibble a corner off of, suck out the soup and then eat, super super delicious), three little slices of watermelon, some sort of doughy or glutinous bread roll type thing that usually has a hint of sweet or a hint of meat in it, two pieces of scrambled eggs and usually an attempt at one choose your own adventure type dish (I confess that I haven’t been super adventurous past the yak meat…but it’s hard when you truly hate seafood).

They actually had French fries at breakfast this morning and I had to cave and get some and ended up getting more because they were some sincerely sensational fries.  They weren’t soggy, they were lightly salted and honestly besides loving fries in the first place, it was nice to have something that didn’t have sauce on it for once.  We stopped at a truck stop on our way to ZJG, and while it was some seriously classy food compared to truck stops back home, it waaas a bit cold and all kind of in a lot of water…

One of the English teachers here that we live with taught here last year and showed us this little Uighur  restaurant literally a 3 second walk off of campus that has a huge variety of really good food for about a dollar each dish.  I would imagine we’ll be eating there very very frequently.

To end on, here is a link to one of my roommate’s blogs, she has a video of what our rooms look like as well so definitely check it out!

4 responses to “Food Highlights

  1. Food looks delish! Josh and I love the soup dumplings! Now i’m craving them! Guess I’ll have to make a trip to NY for that and dim sum! Xoxo

  2. Hi Peeper! Is there anything you need that you can’t find there that I can send you? You are so amazingly brave doing what you are doing. Me joining the Navy was nothing compared to this. I really don’t know if I would want to go to a Communist country but I guess it’s ’cause I am so old fashioned. Though I should visit just so I could lose weight. I doubt I would eat much there.
    I hope your students don’t give you too much trouble. Somehow I imagined the kids there to be very polite and disciplined. What do you do if they misbehave?
    Keep smiling! Enjoy yourself. and no falling in love over there!
    love from Aunt booby

    • Hello hello! There are plenty of things that I have yet to find (conditioner for one…), but I think some of them I may just not be looking in the right place or for quite the right word. And everything else that I can’t find I have been pretty OK to live without! Last night we went to a Cantonese restaurant and quite a few of the flavors actually reminded me of bar-b-que from home! I probably should have taken more pictures of dishes that I really loved, but green beans aren’t exactly visually stunning 😛 At any rate, my next post is going to be about the kids so stay tuned! Love you!!


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