Excitement for this, nerves for that

Things that I’m getting excited about:  

Fruit!  If it’s anything like my experience in Xi’an, then I’m really excited to get fresh fruit on the sidewalk…especially pears!  I got a huge chunk of watermelon on my way home from class one day in Xi’an and it was probably the most amazing night ever

Karaoke!  We only did this once when I went to China last time, but I loved it (I honestly think my hip was bruised the next morning from whacking a tambourine against it) and fully plan on going any time that I am asked this year

The Movies!  We also only went once when I was last there (we saw Pirates of the Caribbean!) but it was kind of a cool theater, and I actually love watching anything with subtitles

Tea!  I drink tea everyday all day now anyway, but only when I remember to make it…I’m excited to automatically have it at every restaurant I go to!

Ok so little to no one is probably going to be excited with me on this one, but public squat toilets!  Haha kidding, but only sort of because, yes they are usually smellier and the idea seems gross, BUT, picture going to a public restroom in a big city, do you sit right down on that toilet seat or do you attempt to hover because you’re grossed out by how many people have been in this bathroom in the last hour alone?  Chances are, you probably hover, and I have to be honest, if I’m hovering anyhow, it’s a whole lot easier to hover over a massive hole in the ground than an actual toilet…I am NOT, however, looking forward to the lack of TP at public restrooms…that’s kind of super 麻烦 máfan…and cannot deny that I am very very happy that our apartments will have Western toilets…

Chopsticks!  I learned how to use chopsticks as a girl scout when I was about ten.  I haven’t used them with much frequency since because I mean, America is forks aplenty, but I am fully of the opinion that food (that is not soup…) is more fun when eaten with them.  Also, my mum got me this really beautiful set of colored ones for Christmas this past year:

pretty, no?

…and I’m excited to use them more often.  Would it be super lame for me to make a chopstick holster so that I can carry them around to restaurants?  Probably…I’d also probably stab myself with them…

Traveling!  ZJG is fairly close to Suzhou, which is supposed to be gorgeous and has been called “the Venice of the East”.  I’m hoping that I can travel a bit further too, I would love to go back to Yunnan province and seriously any place with mountains.  I was absolutely in heaven every time we went through hilly/mountainy places last time I was in China.

Another weird thing that I’m kind of excited about is joining the gym in ZJG.  Everyone I’ve talked to from there or blog posts I’ve read about ZJG talk about how nice the gym is, haha.  I’ve never belonged to a gym before since A, I dance nearly every night of the week and B, I’m a chicken when it comes to public places where you have to ask people how things work…BUT, I think in this case, I will be less embarrassed to ask people about stuff around the gym because it will be a good way to practice my Chinese, and if it’s a dumb question that I’m asking, I can pretend that I meant to ask something completely different but that it came out wrong with my Chinese!

Things that I am nervous about:

Teaching!  I’m excited, but I’ve been doing such an opposite-type job for the last two years and I keep forgetting that oh right, I’m no longer going to be behind a computer this year, but in front of a classroom full of kids…who will be trying to speak to me in my native tongue…possibly poorly…and instead of laughing at how adorable their grammar structures are, I will have to criticize them.  I’m so very bad at criticism!

Bikes!  I know I’m probably going to get one because it’s going to be the easiest way to get places, but 嗳呀 àiyā am I scared of biking in places where there are cars….and this is gonna be ten times the amount of cars than I’m used to, driving mostly without the rules I’m used to cars following…

Bartering!  I hate this, I realized I hated it less than I thought I was going to when I went last time, but still, I would rather pay an extra dollar than have to argue for ten minutes over a pair of socks and worry whether or not I got ripped off.  I do recall it being slightly fun on some occasions because it felt kinda cool to bring something down in price even if you probably could have brought it down even cheaper, but it’s definitely not on the first list of things I’m super excited about

Cell phones and banks…I’m not really sure why, but I get confused any time I read about how the systems work in China.  These are already on my list of things I will be asking friends to help me with….


I will probably think of about million more things I’m excited/nervous about, but for now, I’m excited about my cast coming off in 3 more days!  Irish dance camp!  Annnnnd, most of all, my brother’s wedding!


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